Terms of Service

ImaginGO™ is an educational website with content at the core of its experience. Our goal is to delight our visitors and get them to think more about possibilities!

Because there is currently very little interaction on ImaginGO.com, app.ImaginGO.com or demo.ImaginGO.com, all we ask is for you be respectful and open-minded to the content and the collaboration of others in your classrooms, board rooms or wherever you find yourself using ImaginGO.

We cater to a wide audience and are (more or less) child-focused, so we take care in vetting content and the design of GOGOs quite extensively prior to publishing. But, if you happen find anything on ImaginGO.com, app.ImaginGO.com or demo.ImaginGO.com offensive or in bad taste, please contact us with an explanation as to why. We will work with you to understand the complaint and will remove the content if deemed necessary.

Of course, we encourage you investigate, probe and experiment with ImaginGO™ but discourage copying the content and redistributing it. ImaginGO and the content within the website is owned by ImaginGO™ LLC an LLC out of the United States of America who also owns the ImaginGO trademark and copyright of the material.