Advancing Creativity and Innovation in Classrooms

ImaginGO provides software, content and training that simplifies teaching Creative Problem Solving, flexible thinking and innovation concepts.

Why ImaginGO?

ImaginGO is passionate about increasing the level of creative thinking in students. ImaginGO’s methods build foundational creative and innovative thinking abilities that prepares students for the demands of a more complex and changing world.

Our mission is to rapidly close the creative gap:

Dropping Creative Test Scores

Since the 1990’s, students are testing lower and lower on creative tests (Torrance Test of Creative Thinking).

(Study by KH Kim 2011, William & Mary)

Increased Creative Demands

Meanwhile, the need for creative and flexible thinkers is increasing in the marketplace.

(The Future of Jobs Report 2020, WEF)

ImaginGO in Classrooms

ImaginGO is a digital toolbox that sparks creativity and innovation in all types of learners in grades 2-8. ImaginGO provides instant Creative Problem Solving exercises through our web-based learning platform.

Teachers love ImaginGO because it is easy to use and instantly engages their students. 

ImaginGO provides creative content that utilizes proven creative methods such as divergent and convergent thinking. 

Why You'll Love ImaginGO

Invent New Things

Improves life and the lives of others through new and re-imagined concepts.

Develop Creative Confidence

With “no wrong answers”, students are free to express their ideas, solutions and build confidence around them.

Improve Collaboration

Students learn how to better connect and engage with others while designing and discussing new ideas.

Prepare For The Unknown

Practice your mental flexibility through various random exercises. Become more resilient and ready for anything.

Professional Development

ImaginGO offers professional development to support classroom creativity via our software and creative methods. Our PD boosts educator’s confidence in teaching creatively.

We have experts in creative education, corporate innovation and all of the creative touchpoint in-between.  

Live and virtual sessions are available to give educators the boost and confidence necessary to work with Creative Problem Solving methods from ImaginGO.