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What is ImaginGO?

Girl presenting Leonardo's Inventci to class - ImaginGO
Leonardo's Inventci Challenge: Design a car without wheels.
Generate more innovative, original, and improved ideas with ImaginGO!
ImaginGO’s web-based Creative Thinking curriculum reaches beyond the status quo to fuel students to find more creative ways to solve complex problems.
ImaginGO’s Creative Thinking curriculum teaches students to generate more innovative, original, and improved ideas.
ImaginGO’s press of a button Creative Thinking curriculum helps students to generate more innovative, original, and improved ideas to solving problems.

Why ImaginGO?

Improved Performance

ImaginGO is proven and effective. It delivers measurable improvement in student performance across curricula.

Instant Lessons - No Prep Work

ImaginGO requires no prep work or special materials. Just press GO! and launch the lessons using only pencil and paper.

ImaginGO Brain Character

ImaginGO provides the convenience of a digital tool but gets students off-screen for creation and face-to-face collaboration in the classroom.


ImaginGO prepares students for a lifetime of success through discovery.

Future-Proof Thinking

Creative Thinking is unequivocally identified as the skill that must be developed and maintained to gain an advantage in the current and future job markets.

  • Development of PISA’s 2022 Creative Thinking assessment
  • Harvard Business Review’s focus on creativity
  • World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report

ImaginGO’s transformative, web-based curriculum is a fun and simple way to integrate Creative Thinking into the classroom and prepare today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Creative Thinking is needed for future problem solving.

ImaginGO Plans


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School & District

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  • Classroom access for all grades/schools
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ImaginGO is a leader in Creative Thinking Education, providing tools, professional learning, active lessons and consulting services to schools across the US.

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