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ImaginGO Platform

The ImaginGO Platform is an easy-to-use, web-based system that delivers creative exercises for your Creative Thinking curriculum.

Simple To Use

One of the many great things about ImaginGO is that it requires no prep work. Students only need a piece of paper and something to write with. When we say it is as easy as “just pressing a button”, we really mean it!

Step 1

Press GO!

Step 2

Select a GOGO

Step 3

Follow the on-screen instructions

Step 4

See innovative, creative students

How Does It Work?

ImaginGO is collaborative and involves the entire classroom. It is led by an instructor, teacher or creative coach using a large screen at the front of the classroom – like a projector, large monitor or interactive whiteboard.

Students work both individually and as a group to complete the ImaginGO exercises


ImaginGO is broken into smaller components called GOGOs. Each GOGO uses a different method to kick-start imaginations and generate more innovative, original, and improved ideas.

Leonardo's Inventci

Student’s are presented simple, yet challenging scenarios that require invention(s) to improve it. 

10 or Less

The exercise starts simply with a photo. Students must write a micro-fiction using less than 10 words.


A random sound is played to the class. Students must think what the sound COULD be not what the sound actually IS.

Brain Space

Students must fill in the “visual blanks” and communicate a story at the same time. Brain Space offers three varieties: Image, Shapes and Squiggles as triggers.


New words are constructed and students must develop the meaning of the word. 


Students connect emotions to a random piece of music followed by constructing characters and stories based off of their emotions/characters.

Creative Thinking Process

Current and future GOGOs will typically the following ImaginGO Creative Thinking Process. The process was developed based off of years of creativity research that shows the benefits of Divergent and Convergent thinking to stimulate creativity.

Set aside, at least, 45 minutes per week for ImaginGO

Requirements & More

Content on the ImaginGO platform is continually updated. This means new GOGOs, new GOGO content and even new Creative Thinking methods and insights for teachers are added regularly.

We designed ImaginGO to be engaging and fun for students. It looks and sounds like a video game, but unlike video games, we want to draw the focus of students from the screen to their imaginations and finally to their papers in front of them.


Technology requirements to use ImaginGO:

  • Modern web browser: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10
  • Stable Internet connection
  • For classrooms, an interactive whiteboard, large monitor or projector is recommended

GOGOs require:

  • Something to write and/or draw on: paper, whiteboard or tablet
  • Something to write with: pencil, pen, crayons…it’s up to you
  • Some GOGOs can be done without writing or drawing. In that case just bring students!


ImaginGO uses Auth0 to make it easy for schools and school systems to connect via single-sign on using their existing security infrastructure. The ImaginGO Application, essentially, uses Auth0 for logging in/out.

We do not collect any extra information nor do we sell any information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information.

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