Why ImaginGO?

ImaginGO follows our corporate mission to address the decreasing creativity in schools. Using ImaginGO creative methods, student’s imaginations, confidence and creative potential are ignited.  

ImaginGO is an easy way to introduce a Creative Problem Solving curriculum without too much effort. This is because the software is easy to use and teachers can start teaching creativity immediately. 

No Prep Work For Teachers!

Educators can immediately practice Creative Problem Solving “right out of the box”. ImaginGO requires nothing but a decent internet connection and a web browser (well, a large monitor, interactive board, or projector helps too but is not essential). – Full requirements here.

The content is managed by ImaginGO, so just press “GO” and watch your classroom come alive with creativity!

Prepare for a Creative Future

“Future of Work” studies continually rank “creative abilities” as a top attribute to succeed in the future. 


We agree!


Because our company is comprised of both experienced educators and corporate innovators, we have seen, first-hand, the need for flexible, innovative thinkers even for today’s job market.


Younger students who are already training their minds to think more creatively have an advantage – particularly when complementing a solid STEM education.

Rebalance Your Creativity

The past 50 years of education has been dominated by Convergent Thinking and rote learning. On top of this, the focusing on standardized tests has left classrooms, students and teachers feeling “out of creative balance”.

We believe this feeling is caused by the lack of creative thinking, Creative Problem Solving and generally limited creative freedom. ImaginGO can rebalance the creativity inside your classroom.

Divergent Thinking has many outcomes and no "wrong" answers