What Is ImaginGO?

ImaginGO is a creative learning platform that develops creativity and innovation in all types of learners. It is the perfect way to begin a student’s Creative Problem Solving journey or to easily implement a creative curriculum in classrooms.

ImaginGO is an instructor led, classroom activity that is done as a class (with individual contributions) that relies heavily on collaboration, imagination and interpersonal communication. 

Students use pen/pencil and workout their ideas on paper. So they create, collaborate and ideate while reducing screen time.

The web-based creative platform helps students think differently about approaching and solving problems through a series of mini activities that we call GOGOs. In the GOGOs, students are presented challenges that are typically unusual. This helps ensure that they have to use their imaginations and think about possible solutions to the challenge.

For example:

In this example of the GOGO Leonardo’s Inventci, students are asked to invent a new car design that can a giraffe can drive. Students can individually or as a group design many cars for a giraffe. This can then lead to converging on a single design or many different designs to expand on – the process is flexible. 

ImaginGO utilizes our own special creative methodology but also relies on proven creative processes such as Divergent and Convergent Thinking.

Example process from our Hachoogie! (listening) GOGO.

The Basics

  • Engaging K-6 classroom software
  • Easy to use – no training to get up and running
  • Develops Creative Problem Solving skills, creative and innovative mindsets
  • Teacher-led using interactive whiteboard or large monitor
  • Work is done on paper and pen (get students off of those gadgets!)
    • Students practice face-to-face collaboration in small groups or with the entire class

    • Variety of exercises that help uncover multiple intelligences

    • Content and new exercises are constantly added to ImaginGO

  • Exercises can last from 10 to over 50 minutes

ImaginGO In Action