What Is ImaginGO?

Let’s not beat around the bush… here’s the basics of ImaginGO:

  • Engaging K-6 classroom software
  • Very easy to use – no training to get up and running
  • Teaches innovation and creativity as a skill
  • Teacher-led using interactive whiteboard/large monitor
  • Work is done on paper and pen (get them off those gadgets!)
  • Students practice face-to-face collaboration in small groups or with the entire class
  • Variety of exercises that help uncover multiple intelligences
  • Content and new exercises are constantly added to ImaginGO
  • Exercises can last from 20-50 minutes

ImaginGO helps students think differently about understanding and solving problems. We want students to open their minds and apply a new way of thinking to ALL subjects.

The overall goal of ImaginGO is to create the next generation of innovative leaders. ImaginGO is a vital part of a student’s future success by:

  • developing their innovation skills
  • boosting their ability to collaborate (including SEL – Social Emotional Learning)
  • helping uncover multiple intelligences
  • building creative confidence in their novel ideas
  • increasing flexibility (their ability to handle uncertainty)

ImaginGO has developed the necessary balance of exercises that will prepare students for an uncertain future.