The Challenge

(Take it. You know you want to.)

Are you ready to add Imaginative Thinking to your curriculum?

Great ideas come from kids who are encouraged to explore all the possibilities. When we teach using Imaginative Thinking, the outcomes are extraordinary.

ImaginGO is a revolutionary new way to teach problem-solving, process and collaboration while utilizing Imaginative Thinking! ImaginGO is the perfect complement to your existing curriculum.

ImaginGO is for all students. It’s easy to use and to introduce to your class. It requires no training and is ready “right out of the box”. Are you ready to start? Sign up to be tester today!

ImaginGO gives teachers and students easy access to tools to expand on traditional problem-solving skills to create more innovative and creative outcomes. 

ImaginGO is accessible through a standard web browser. A computer and an internet connection is all that is needed to gain access to numerous GOGOs and hours and hours to exercise students imaginations.

Are ready to include Imaginative Thinking and ImaginGO into your teaching and curriculum? Sign up to be an ImaginGO tester today!