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(Where the magic happens.)

Good educators know that in addition to learning set standards, students succeed when they think outside of their parameters to find solutions to current or future problems. When you blend these two components, you get a much more engaged learner who is ready to take on any challenge.  

My students were incredibly inventive. I didn’t know that some of them had that ability. So much out-of-the-box thinking that it even surprised me of the ideas that they came up with!

2nd grade Teacher, North Carolina
ImaginGO Enriches and Complements Curriculum

ImaginGO is the perfect complement to your standard curriculum. Based in Imaginative Thinking, ImaginGO gives students the confidence to develop possibilities for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

The GOGOs are designed for students to think of new ways to solve novel problems. Through repetition of Imaginative Thinking, students will improve the way they think about approaching, designing, and communicating possible solutions to problems.

By incorporating ImaginGO into a standard curriculum you give students a new insight into approaching the subjects. Students will begin to ask, “why not?” and think of the possibilities of solving a problem within Science, for instance. 

Students will become more engaged in the subjects while having more fun exploring them from a different perspective.