Where will your students ImaginGO today?

ImaginGO is a classroom software that inspires students to become the next generation of innovators

Are you ready for ImaginGO?

(Fire up a browser and buckle up.)

You’re about to enter a world where anything can happen. And often does. A world where your students are rewarded for thinking differently. A world where individual students or entire classrooms, in person or online, can excel. A world where all children become the innovators of tomorrow. Join us!

What makes ImaginGO go?

(See what we did there?)

ImaginGO is fueled by divergence. Too often, students are taught to seek the one “right” answer, when there may be hundreds of more innovative, creative and useful answers to be discovered. That’s why ImaginGO deploys digital, creative “sparks” to help students engage their imaginations.

Students push their creativity into overdrive through a collection of unique challenges called GOGOs. Teachers present GOGOs to students on a Smartboard/interactive whiteboard and are also accessible via smartphones and tablets — any device with a web browser. But teachers can also opt to have students set down their devices and work with pen and paper. We’re old school/new school.

What do students get out of it?

(Besides a challenging but good time.)

ImaginGO improves student’s ability to not only think differently but to put the power of possibilities into practice. The applications for this type of Imaginative Thinking are limitless but we have highlighted a few special benefits below:

Spur Invention

How can life be improved through new and re-imagined concepts.

Foster Open-Ended Learning

Real-world problems are not always well defined. Students benefit from working with open-ended concepts and ideas.

Design Ideas or Concepts

Students are challenged to not just think of new possibilities but also how to make them work.

Brainstorm, Resource, and Prepare

Imagining and collecting new ideas while working with others is a skill that carries into adulthood.

Improve Emotional Competence

There are no “right” answers with ImaginGO. The focus is on possibilities and developing the confidence to work with them.

Strengthen Communication

When generating ideas, students use traditional and non-traditional forms of communication to express their thoughts.

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