How GOGOs helps students
(Hint: they go go further.)

GOGOs are the interactive activities that make ImaginGO fun and engaging. ImaginGO is made of numerous GOGOs. Every GOGO has smaller activities that make students think differently about solving problems. GOGOs and the smaller activities are randomly generated so that students do not know what to expect and have to adjust their thinking to satisfy the challenge.

The full ImaginGO software has 6 GOGOs available at one time with new GOGOs arriving and leaving every month.

Leonardo’s Inventci
Re-Invention Challenge
Listening Challenge
Brain Space
Drawing Challenge
Define Words Challenge
Writing Challenge
Music & Writing Challenge

Different GOGOs use different primary sensory input and output. The idea is to target a variety of sensory inputs and outputs in order to help discover multiple intelligences and talents in students. For instance, Hachoogie uses sound as a sensory input and then is followed up by writing and then drawing exercises.

There are also opportunities with GOGOs where a student can rap, mime, dance or act while also challenging students with writing a blog entry or composing a song. ImaginGO wants to ensure that there are equal opportunities for different types of learners and accounting for various ways that students express themselves in the classroom.