Ambassador – Matt DeHart

Matt DeHart is a young, revolutionary educator, who is on a mission to help create educational change through intentional and community centered methods. After being named the Greenville County Schools Emerging Teacher of the Year and “Face of Teacher Education” for his alma mater, Bob Jones University, by his third year in education, Matt started a non-profit, the Teach from DeHart Foundation, to take his students on life-changing trips across the US. 

Seeing a need for revolutionary education in a Pittsburgh, PA suburb, Matt has taken the charge to use his non-profit to create a non-profit middle school in Arnold, PA, called the Teach from DeHart Academy. TFDA will educate both the students (5th-8th grade) as well as their parents, through an adult learning program. This whole family approach is the only model in the US to educate both student and parent. The school is set to open its doors in the fall of 2025.

Matt DeHart is on a crash course with destiny to help create excitement around education and 21st century methods that engage every student and teacher alike. 

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