About Us

ImaginGO was founded in 2021 by siblings John and Kathleen Fox who collaborated from two different directions: John coming from corporate innovation and Kathleen from elementary and creative education. Together they saw a need and an opportunity to develop student imaginations in order to prepare them for solving larger, more complex real-world problems in the future.

With many governments and NGOs predicting major changes in future jobs, we believe it is vital to start preparing students early to work with new ideas, concepts and processes that will develop a necessary flexibility in their thinking. Students need to understand classic curriculum but they also need to begin to work with that knowledge in a flexible manner. That is where ImaginGO steps in.

One of the main goals of ImaginGO is to help students build confidence in thinking differently about solving problems. A new way of thinking that can be advantageous to themselves and to society as we move into a rapidly changing and unknown future.

ImaginGO believes in a fair and equitable work environment. The development of our software is done with inclusion in mind with the goal of reaching as many individuals as possible. We do not discriminate and employ a human-first approach to the design of our software and the running of our business.

We want to make the world a better place. We believe that through early exposure to innovative ideas and building creative confidence in students that we will set the innovators of tomorrow on the right path, today.